About me


I believe life experience – every situation, every event and every person I encounter – is a reflection of my own inner being. The yoga practice that I propose not only builds physical strength and flexibility, but also rises awareness about your whole being – bodily sensations, feelings, emotions, thought patterns – eventually contributing to healthier, happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life.



For me the journey within began with discovering yoga at the age of 17. I started paying attention to how was I breathing, what was I feeling in my body, what was going on in my mind and how it all flows together. Yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditative practices have helped me to grow strength, flexibility and heal the injuries and aches in the body; supported me through pregnancies and 2 amazing home birth experiences. Regular practice keeps supporting me in increasing my awareness and consciously living in the present moment not only while I practice but also extending it to other areas of my life. Every experience, every situation, every encounter in life for me is an opportunity to learn and grow my inner peace and wellbeing.

Soft Hatha Yoga


Do you want to strengthen and stretch your muscles, let go of your tensions, experience a deep relaxation? Take a distance from a continuous stream of thoughts that’s going on in your mind? Establish or deepen the connection with your higher Self ? Through yoga postures, breathing and meditative techniques I will gently guide you towards your own personal inner journey allowing to connect with your body in a new way as well as to move towards your inner peace, joy and love. 

Prenatal Yoga


A gentle and safe way to stay fit, healthy and relaxed during pregnancy, to connect with your baby and to prepare your body, mind and baby for the extraordinary experience of birthing! 

Yoga postures develop stamina and strength, increase circulation, and relieve tensions of back, hips, chest, neck and shoulders. Breathing exercises have a positive effect on the blood pressure, heart rate and calm the nervous system.

Regular practice will also help you to strengthen faith in yourself, deepen connection with your intuition and when in labor – surrender to the powerful energy of birthing and flow with it!

Mum and Baby Yoga


Gently reintroduces your body to movement and exercise to help support your postnatal recovery. Involving the babies in practice we will work on regaining the core strength and pelvic floor tone, releasing built up tension in the body and stretching and rejuvenating tired muscles. A wonderful way to bond with your baby, sharing the space with other mums and remembering you are not alone on this journey JThe class is open to mums with their babies around 6 weeks after a natural birth and 12 weeks after a cesarean section delivery.


Ashtanga Yoga Renens Ashtanga Yoga Prilly Ashtanga Yoga Lausanne Postnatal Yoga 

Gentle Vinyasa Flow

A gentle dynamic flow of yoga postures where every movement is initiated with the breath. This yoga practice uses deep core muscles to support the body, specific breathing technique and focused gaze to support drawing the mind inwards, eventually turning the practice into a moving meditation.


Private sessions

Depending on your needs and desires we will create a suitable supporting session for you using powerful tools such as breathing exercises, yoga postures, meditative practices, forgiveness process that you can easily apply and implement in your daily life.